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Carlos Jaschek Award 2018 - Call for Nominations

The Carlos Jaschek Award is awarded by SEAC and encourages research into the relationship between astronomy and culture. It is named to commemorate the outstanding contributions of Carlos Jaschek, emeritus professor of the University of Strasbourg (France), director of the Strasbourg Observatory and creator of the Centre de Données Stellaires (CDS, Stellar Data Centre). He strived to create an interdisciplinary and multicultural dialogue among researchers from all over the world, and his efforts became the basis of the work of SEAC.

We are now inviting nominations for the Sixth Carlos Jaschek Award. Here you can find the Guidelines for nominations. Please read the document closely and submit any nominations by the deadline of March 1st 2018.

Nominations should be sent to the Secretary of SEAC, preferably at the email address


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